5 Questions And Answers Concerning Cosmetic Dentistry

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I will summarize in this compare san diego cosmetic dentists cosmetic dentistry article probably the most often asked questions along with their responses, you will sure find them helpful for your cosmetic dentistry research.

First Question: Can whitening my teeth harm them? Which are the effects?

Your teeth will become more susceptible to cold, heat and sweets. Since it is a brand new technology, it's long term consequences continue to be unknown. Bleaching will likely have to be replicated in order to sustain your whitening.

2nd Question: Because I used antibiotics as a kid, I now have darkened teeth. What can I do to make them white again? Yellowing of your teeth is called intrinsic stain and can be treated perfectly by means of bleaching. Your best option in this case is to ask your personal dentist about what alternatives you might have. You could place porcelain laminate veneers or place crowns for example.

Third Question: Why do people's teeth discolor upon aging? Is this only an integral part of aging?

Yes, it may be merely an integral part of getting older. The surface of the teeth becomes thin throughout life, this is allowing learn about san diego cosmetic dentists underlying dentin to shine all the way through or in some instances, become exposed to the surface. Some individuals are less motivated to do something positive dental implants san diego talk about it and this can cause their oral hygiene to suffer.

Fourth Question: I am just a little scared about laminates. Will it hurt to get my teeth prepared for them?

Are you able to tell me more about this? It will not hurt a bit. Actually, this is a cosmetic dentistry process that will be prepared in two visits to your personal dentist. You can also profit from local anesthesia if you are a extremely sensitive patient. Local anesthesia is necessary in less then 40% of the cases.

Fifth Question: I would like to learn if there are benefits of laminates vs orthodontic procedures. What is the time required for both of these cosmetic dentistry procedures? Yes, both of these cosmetic dentistry processes are totally distinct by all means. If you choose orthodontic procedures, you may have to wait more than one year and a half to be 100% completed, this is not at all of the situation with porcelain laminates. Porcelain laminates will take only two visits to your neighborhood dentist and will fix uneven teeth generally better than the orthodontic treatment.

I am sure that you found these cosmetic dentistry questions and answer quite helpful for your cosmetic dentistry research.