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1. You Aren’t Getting Any Views

Seriously? Do I have to explain this most simple of points? In fact, I explained this point to some roadkill this morning and it understood, so if you can’t understand why under this circumstance it may be a good idea to buy YouTube views, you should have a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. 2. You’re Not Converting Views To Sales

The great thing about buying views from most places (especially from socialfansgeek ) is that views can be targeted based on industry or interest requirements. This means that if you’re promoting a product — let’s say a new type of pet food that makes animals excrete classical music instead of vile substance — you can target this so that only people with pets or who’d be interested in that subject matter will view it. This should definitely boost your sales conversion rate. 3. You Want To Drive Traffic Immediately

The fact remains that when buying views to a YouTube video, in most cases your views will start being delivered within a day or so, meaning you’ll begin getting good traffic to your site, video, or blog effectively immediately. This can free up your time from conducting more menial and frankly-boring tasks like social bookmarking and allow you to focus on more important things. Like building a 20-foot macrame statue of a bear eating Lady Gaga. Oh, how I’d pay to see that… 4. You’ve Never Used YouTube For Marketing

If you’ve always put marketing your product or service on YouTube as one of those things which was always in the ‘too-hard’ basket, or you simply didn’t think you had the knowledge to do it, the fact that you can buy usa YouTube views means that as long as you have a few pennies saved to spend on this kind of thing, you can now take serious advantage of this potential traffic source. That, or you can just do what you’ve done in the past and ignore it. But if you do that, a swarm of locusts will eat your face. Your choice. 5. You Have Been Looking For Other Avenues Of Promotion

To say that you’re not looking for other ways to promote your business or service would be like Jerry Seinfeld say that he’s not really Jewish; we’d all know it was a horrible lie. In case you didn’t know, YouTube recently passed the one-billion-views-per-day mark (and still growing) so the potential for using this site as a means for selling everything from earwax sculptures to used King Missile albums is absolutely mind-boggling. In short, if you have been searching for the next ‘Big Thing’ (and I’d have to say, you’re a few years late) and haven’t looked into video marketing, then perhaps now is the time. Go on, before you get all wrinkled and a bout of Alzheimer’s kicks in.

So, have I swayed you? If so, maybe you should go and buy some views now. Even your Nanna thinks you should — and you don’t want to disappoint her, do you?

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